Vladivostok, Bestuzhev street 21 B, ofice 201


In 2017 a Russian company OOO “Vostok LPG” started the construction of a terminal for the transhipment of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Vladivostok city.

The terminal is an export-oriented gas transhipment complex for:
  • receiving various types of LPG, delivered from the manufacturers by rail in tank wagons
  • providing a temporary LPG storage in the tank farm under pressure
  • pumping LPG into gas tankers for the purpose of transporting to consumers

Construction site

  • Industrial Zone
  • Two independent sources of energy supply
  • Close to the sea
  • Possibility of leading a gas pipeline to the water's edge
  • There is a railway connection
  • Absence of residential buildings and production facilities

Technological scheme of the project

The terminal will consist of 3 main objects: Storage Base, Gas Pipeline, single-point mooring facility (SPM).

The storage base will consist of:
  • storage park with capacity of 36,000 m3
  • own railway track
  • drainage trestle for simultaneous processing of 72 wagons
  • Pump stations where pumps and compressors will be located, providing draining from wagons and loading onto tankers
  • internal gas pipeline systems
  • automatic fire extinguishing system
  • own electrical substation of 3 MW
  • corporate and utility rooms, checkpoints
  • automatic control system
The gas pipeline leading to the SPM will consist of 2 strings of the gas pipeline - for the liquid phase and for the vapor phase, with further separation and the possibility of loading two vessels simultaneously.

The terminal will have the technical capability to receive two types of LPG from the producers by railway transport, unload the LPG into the tank farm and pump it through the gas pipeline system to gas tankers with volume of up to 20,000 tons through specially equipped remote buoys.

The design capacity is more than 1 million per year.

Overflow / loading ditches for simultaneous processing of 72 wagons.

Economic benefits of the project

  • The terminal will become a unique technological facility for the Russian Far East and will expand the sales markets of Russian LPG producers through optimization of logistics costs and diversification of routes for gas delivery to the nearest regions of consumption: Japan, South Korea, China, the United States, South-East Asia and others.
  • The terminal will be equipped in accordance with the latest hi-tech facilities and will use advanced technologies in LPG transhipment industry with the involvement of world leaders in the equipment production.
  • The competitive price for gas consumers is a virtue of reduction in transportation costs for transhipment through the terminal in Vladivostok and does not depend on the price of gas from producers.

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